What makes me an “expert”?

What makes me an “expert”?

Expert. Such a hefty word. Thyroid Expert. It gives the impression that I Know About Everything. Absolutely everything there is to know about the thyroid gland. And I really don’t.

However what I do know comes from years of personal experience.

I know how it feels when things don’t work the way they should.

I know how it feels to have fatigue (to trudge through treacle up a hill with lead boots on).

I know how it feels when other people in your life say they’re “tired too” and you know they have NO IDEA what you’re talking about (and you want to smack them in the face!)

I know how it feels to be frustrated, scared, in pain, exhausted and confused.

I know how it feels to have put your conditioned confidence in the medical profession and get absolutely nowhere. To not be heard and to be let down.

It really sucks.

I know all this because I have Graves Disease. The doctors say I’m cured because I had a total thyroidectomy in 2012. I don’t believe this to be true. Things still happen in my body. The thyroid wasn’t the problem. It was my immune system.

I refused to be poorly and began a journey that led me to studying biochemistry, the power of the body at a molecular level, and I began to get better using myself as a guinea pig!

I discovered soooo much that I made a decision to help as many people avoid a total thyroidectomy (TT) as possible.

Although the TT wasn’t particularly horrendous, it did seem totally unnecessary. Taking out the entire thyroid gland (one of the master glands that kinda helps control every cell int he body?!?) can’t be a good idea. Can it? Anyhoo, I found out too late that there was a natural alternative to managing my Graves Disease. (I mean, come on, if you have a headache, you don’t chop yer head off!!!)

So…… this is why I trained to do what I do today. To help you guys. I’m now one of the new kids on the block in terms of Team Thyroid. Peatfield and Skinner (RIP) were the original UK thyroid experts and Roderick Lane helped them endlessly.

Roderick and I worked alongside each other last year to deliver the UK’s first patient to patient thyroid conference. A space to encourage, educate and empower people to take charge of their thyroid health. It was awesome and a dream come true for me. There’s no need to be poorly. We can all get better.

I cried the first time I made my kids tea without feeling fatigued. I just cried and cried as it felt like a miracle. Every day before that moment, I had dragged myself through the process. And it wasn’t even cooking. It was chopping some cucumber and putting some pizza in the oven. It felt like I’d climb a mountain each time.

Today my life is completely incomparable.

Whether it’s a thyroid condition (hyper, hypo, postpartum, nodules, the list is endless) and you’re getting nowhere with your doctor or whether you just want to feel “well” again and have no idea what’s wrong, I “get it”. I really do.

Be good to yourself. You’re doing better than you think 🙂

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