International Women’s Day 2018

Today sees 2018’s International Women’s Day. A time for us women folk to come together, celebrate how fabulous we are and press for progress for what we believe in.

I love being a woman. We are a powerful breed. And more than that I love being a woman in the field of natural medicine. And I try not to take that for granted.

Women have always been powerful healers. We know this.  It is in all of us.  Over the medieval years the world changed, and medicine was developed as a new “industry”.  All of a sudden, if you were female, you were not allowed to practice.  Anything practiced by women was termed “a bit dodgy” particularly if you were a herbalist or healer.

We’ve all heard about the Witch Trials. But did you know that an estimated total of 40,000-60,000 people were executed during the European witch trials? Shocking. Just for burning incense, giving out free hugs or popping on a mud poultice on a scratched leg. Makes me so crazy mad. So crazy mad. Thank GOODNESS that times changed.

We can all heal each other to a certain degree. Women it seems more so than men. We instinctively know what to do as human beings when one of our tribe is poorly. Sooooo many people tell me they don’t know how to massage……we all have it in us.   It goes as basic as giving a hurt part of the body a rub. This in scientific terms, increases circulation bringing fresh nutrients to the area to help it heal.  Giving someone a hug when they are hurt or sad can increase the hormone oxytocin and calm them down, giving them a sense of feeling better.

Hugs and touch are one of nature’s basic necessities
Its basic science.  And the amazing thing is, THIS is how we have been designed. We are built to help each other. And when you become a mother – wow – that increases a millionfold.  Ever woken up just before your baby has projectile vomited everywhere?! That’s nature.  Ever “just had a feeling” that something isn’t quite right with someone? Whether its family or your child or your partner? That’s nature.  Ever known EXACTLY what it was that made you sit on the loo all night (“it was that ONE piece of chicken tikka!”).  That’s nature. Ever known what you really REALLY need to eat that day (whether it be greens or a burger?!). That’s nature.  We are programmed to self heal.
We are all healers.  The ones of us that got super duper interested in it have been lucky and privileged to be born in the times where we are able to study it (I think we may be the original ancestral wise women – the the ones sitting about waiting for the hunters to get back and covering them in a muddy based poultice!)

So what’s my point? I wanted to acknowledge all those women that lost their lives or were prevented from practicing something they truly loved doing. I wanted to say HEY WE ARE SO LUCKY TO BE ABLE TO LIVE THIS WAY and that we can appreciate and love natural medicine for what it is.  Science based, root cause, natural medicine. Adaptive medicine, functional medicine, biochemistry, nutritional therapy, whatever you want to call it…’s come a long way but it’s the same as it was. Healing. It’s just that with the incredible ability of modern technology and science, we can take bits apart, study cellular dynamics and make it even more tailored, preventative, restorative and amazing!   It’s just awesome. Have a great day and remember when you next see a female health professional, tell them they’re great!

Graduating at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London

Jules Chandler, mBANT is a registered nutritional therapist providing evidence-based nutritional therapy from a naturopathic, person-centred approach. She offers 1-1 consultations from clinics in Keynsham and Queen’s Square, Bristol and via Skype. Her specialty is thyroid disorder and complex cases.
She is a member of BANT, CHNC, MTI and the World Health Heroes, a network of health and well-being practitioners, promoting affordable health and well-being across local communities. She is an Assistant Clinical Supervisor at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and gives regular talks and workshops on health.

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