There are no high level expectations.

Not everyone can quit gluten, eat quinoa and live paleo….
even if it best for them, it can be unrealistic.

People are unique.

The plan must be unique.

It has to be a transition that’s negotiated.

​Undoing habits of a lifetime takes time and needs to be fully supported.

A consultation can be a journey whether it be for massage or nutritional therapy. It may be the first time you’ve been heard. It may be the first time you’ve had the space to talk about your entire health journey from birth and it may be emotional.
Consultation occurs in a safe space in two Bristol Clinics; the Redfern Osteopaths Clinic in Keynsham (Tues) and the South Bristol Osteopathic Clinic in Queen Charlotte Street, Queen Square, central Bristol (Weds). Consultations can also be arranged as a Skype or FaceTime call on the dedicated virtual clinic day (Thurs).

An initial naturopathic consultation may take up to 90 minutes and follows the completion of a health questionnaire sent via email beforehand. During the consultation, a plan will be drawn up detailing how to move forward with your health and may include dietary suggestions, herbs, lifestyle changes and supplementation. These are not “delivered” to you as a client, they are carefully explained. All plans are individual to the client and must be realistic in order to achieve goals. The importance of follow up appointments will be discussed within your initial consultation.